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Why I am running for Regional Councillor?

“Having served on York Regional Council in the acting capacity for almost a year and gained familiarity with pressing issues in public safety, public health, public transportation, housing and social services, I would like to return to Regional Council to continue the important work making our community safer and stronger.”

As a local Councillor, Chan has championed for:

  • Yonge Subway Extension – As local Councillor, Chan initiated Yonge North Group to work with others to lobby Federal and Provincial governments for funding the critical public transit project in the GTA. The subway extension is now a reality after 15 years of unwavering pursuit.
  • Economic development - As Chair of Economic Development Committee, Chan worked with former Mayor to bring Amazon to the City with 400 new jobs and other major businesses in past years. Having worked behind the scenes for a number of years, Chan is thrilled with the launch of the Local Centre for Innovation and Collaboration in partnership with OCAD University and eCampusOntario in 2022. As Chair of Economic Recovery Task Force, he engaged all levels of government and business groups to develop action plans for post-COVID recovery.
  • National Historic Site designation for David Dunlap Observatory – As Chair of DDO Park Steering Committee, Chan tabled a motion in 2017 for the designation resulted in the unveiling of Parks Canada’s plaque in June 2022. Chan takes pride to continue with future improvements at the destination park as set out in the Master Plan.
  • Community safety - Chan founded Richmond Hill Road Watch with former Mayor in 2002 to promote road safety, and has worked with police to facilitate formation of Neighbourhood Watch groups to strengthen community efforts in crime prevention.
  • Age-Friendly Community – Chan advocated for the initiative to promote active living of Seniors in Richmond Hill, and will continue to support age-friendly programs and services to serve the growing segment of the population.
  • Noise Control – Chan’s motion to review the Noise Bylaw led to the revamped bylaw that includes objective measurement and improved measures for enforcement

During his term at York Regional Council, Chan successfully persuaded Council to unanimously adopt his motion for zero-tolerance against all forms of hate, including the alarming rate of increase in anti-Asian hate since the pandemic. Having served as a director of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities between 2013 and 2020, Chan believes in strong local communities build a stronger Canada. Moving forward, Chan plans to make the community safer and stronger.

Meet Godwin

Godwin Chan, a Harvard University graduate who retired from legal practice, is committed to applying his 16-year hands-on experience as local Councillor and his considerable knowledge of public service to get things done on issues that are under York Region’s jurisdiction.

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